Dry hairs are a condition when hairs lack proper moisture and oil. It may be because of less care or maybe your hair does not retain oil/moisture. It can occur to both males and females of any age group but generally seen growing with age.

The dry hairs have a brittle texture to touch, stray hairs, clearly visible split ends, itching, and dandruff. All this indicates that you have dry hair that needs to be cared for. However, this is not a big issue so there is no need to worry. Regular hair-care will eliminate this and bring back healthy hair.

Dry Brittle Hair


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Reasons for Dry Hair


May 19, 2020



Considering this, here we are sharing 5 common reasons behind dry hairs which are as follows:-

Regular use of Heat for Styling Hairs

Many people love styling their hairs regularly. In this interest, they use too much heat on their hairs and hence end with dry hairs. The regular use dryer, straightener, curler, and others which lead to dry and brittle hairs. In the beginning, it may feel amazing and beautiful but its after-effects are equally harmful to hairs. It may result in losing the density of hairs, weakens the root of hairs, unhealthy hair, regular hair loss, and others. It’s fine if you use it for special occasions with after nourishment but regular use can completely damage your hairs.

Dry Hair due to regular use of heat

Regular Hair Wash

Hair wash is necessary to remove unwanted dust, oil from the hairs. But in dry hair, regular washing may harm. It eliminates all the protective oil, nourishment from hairs with each wash. Washing hairs with hot water leave your scalp dehydrated and hair frizzy and static. On the other hand cold water moisture the hairs and closes pores and thus preventing unwanted dust and oil to enter into the scalp.

Hence washing hairs regularly and with hot water may result in a lack of nutrition and moisture and ultimately lead to dry hairs.

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You Avoid Regular Trimming

Split ends are one among the reasons for dry hairs. The issue of the split end begins when you avoid regular trimming. As with time, it may turn into dry hair. It is suggested to trim your hair every 2 months to avoid the split end. Regular trimming is also necessary for regular hair growth. As this split end and dry hairs blocks the hair growth. Hence regular trimming is necessary to avoid all the related issues of dry hairs.

Avoid Regular Trimimg

Diet to Prevent Hair Fall

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Overuse of Bleaches and Hair Dyes

It’s lovely to have a new style, cultured hairs but not at the cost of healthy hairs. The overuse of hair dyes and bleaches affect hair adversely and make it dry and brittle. It is perfectly fine to look for a change and engage in new styling but regular use of dye and bleaches takes up the necessary nutrition of hairs. It may weaken the roots of hairs, increase hair fall, and with time end up the unhealthy hairs.

Overuse of Bleaches and hair dyes

You may be using Wrong Hair Care Products

The hair-care products should be chosen wisely as they nourish our hairs and affect their growth and others. Every product doesn’t go well every type of hairs so it’s necessary to understand the best-suited product for you. The wrong hair care products may ruin your hairs completely leading to dry hairs weakens roots, hair loss, and others. In case of any confusion, you may take help from experts and go with organic products which usually show no harm on the hairs.

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