Hair loss is something that nobody wants to experience. But there is one question that almost every man at one point of his life asks which is – am I going bald?

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April 07, 2028



The reality of the situation is a bitter truth which is that a lot of men will experience male pattern baldness at some point in their life. How much hair a man will lose and when the balding will start is typically based on genetics? While most men panic immediately when it comes to baldness, some men have trouble understanding the early signs and unfortunately act when it’s a little too late.

It’s always better to keep a track of your hairline and hair fall if you want to save your hair with the help of some of the more popular and cost-effective treatments on the market that work exceptionally well with some people.

Now that you know it is important to take action as early as possible, how do you find out about the correct time to take action and save your hair?

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Here are some common signs of balding that you shouldn’t neglect and what you should do about it –


Every time you comb your hair or run your fingers through it, you find hair tangled in the comb or between your fingers. This happens every day and every time you touch your hair, even when you are taking a shower. Your hair seems to fall at a greater speed every day and doesn’t come back as soon as it should. Now this is self-explanatory, your hair is falling, it’s thinning and it doesn’t seem to grow back that easily. But many people tend to overlook this trend of hair fall and see it as something natural and normal because we anyway lose somewhere around 100 strands of hair any day due to normal shedding. However, for some people it doesn’t stop there and that’s the beginning of their hair loss.

  • In order to save yourself from the coming damage recognize when your hair is falling. And if you’re noticing these changes, it’s time to look into hair loss treatment programs to save yourself from going bald.


Itchy scalp can be a sign of hair loss. If you keep on scratching your head you’ll probably anyways pull out or damage a lot of hair in this process. While itching this isn’t directly related to male pattern baldness, an itchy scalp could signal towards fungal or bacterial infections. Itchy scalp can also mean that you may have dermatological issues such as psoriasis, lichen plan us or dermatitis.

Excessive rubbing, fiddling, pulling and scratching because of irritation caused by infections and diseases of scalp causes hair loss and damages hair follicles.

  • Combing too much and brushing your scalp with a lot of pressure can even cause irreversible damage to the hair follicles over time so avoid doing the same. If you’re experiencing itching sensation and irritation over your scalp, your first move should be getting a doctor’s appointment who can diagnose your condition and help you find a proper treatment. Keep your scalp clean and healthy.


Panic if your hairline keeps going back with time. If you can see your forehead more and more with the coming time, your hairline is receding. You’ll first start to notice that your hairline is receding while brushing your hair. Your hair won’t style as it used to and you’ll see that your hair is thinning around the temple area and this is one of the most common signs of hairline recession.

  • If you notice that your hair is thinning around your temples take action immediately. Meet your dermatologist or a hair fall specialist in order to get an examination done. Your treatment will be started accordingly. Take early action otherwise it will leave you with the dreaded M shaped hairline.

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A couple years back, did your hair completely cover your scalp? Even if you wet and brushed your hair you barely saw any scalp.

But now when you comb your hair you have trouble hiding your scalp. You don’t really have to part your hair, it happens on its own. All this is because you’ve lost a significant amount of hair on the top of your head. Sadly, chances are that you’re going to continue losing more hair over time until you start developing bald spots.

  • If you’re experiencing hair loss so bad that your scalp is visible, meet your therapist or doctor immediately and get proper treatment started to salvage your hairline. Don’t comb your hair vigorously and have a nutritious diet to keep your hair healthy.


The thing you dread the most has happened. You have bald spots that are hard to cover up. You cannot hide these spots because there is little or no hair left to come to your rescue. Your scalp is visible to the outer environment, not only this makes you feel embarrassed but you also get sunburnt easily now.

As your hair thins and falls out, you lose more and more of that protective layer of hair that was on your head to save you against the harmful action of sun’s UV rays. Your days of spending quality time on the beach for an entire day are long gone because you are busy worrying about burning the top of your head in the sun.

  • So if you have bald spots and they are hard to cover and you have to wear hats and put on sunscreen when you’re outside, take action. All this is because you’re losing your hair at a really fast pace and this hair is probably not coming back. Meet your doctor and look for treatment options like hair transplantation or other therapies.

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