We know you are spending your lockdown attending zoom meetings, doing household chores, and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  But, along with it why don’t you spend your time learning some cool hairstyles that will make you summer-ready during this lockdown?

So, we have gathered a few trendy hairstyles that you can try and re-create at home which you can flaunt them to colleagues and friends as soon as this lockdown is over.

Half-Bun Up Hairstyle


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May 28, 2020



1. Half-Up Bun

The half-bun hairstyle is so sleek, it’s shocking how easy it is. Section the top of your hair and loosely smooth it straight back toward the middle of your head. Then, tightly twist the ends into a bun and secure it with a hairpin.  Make sure you give it a messy finish to enhance the look and make the hair look voluminous. This is one of the celebrities’ favorite hairstyles.

Half-Up Bun Hairstyle

2. Twist Back Hairstyles

Ever wanted Cinderella-like hair? Well, you can do that by sitting at home in just two minutes. This twist-back hairstyle will do the trick. The best part is it only takes a few minutes to do! If your hair is also prone to frizz, this easy hairstyle is perfect for twisting your hair back out of your face. This hairstyle is so quick and easy. You can adapt it to suit your hair and it works for curly or straight hair.  In case you need a change in your personality you can try this hairstyle at your outfit.

Twist Back Hairstyle

3. Twisted Side Ponytail

Begin by pinning a small section of hair at the back of the neck.  Continue pulling small sections of hair across and pinning along the base of the neck. Continue until you can gather the hair into a side ponytail, leaving out a section in the front. It is a great hairstyle for curly and straight hair and you can wear it easily in daily life while going to the office or attending meetings.

Twisted Side Ponytail

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4. Sky-High Ponytail

The sky-high ponytail seems to be the new favorite hairstyle among celebrities. This new version of the ponytail has made its way to the red carpet, TV shows, and other glitzy events.  To get a sky-high ponytail to ensure that your hair is completely dry. Gather hair at the back and tie them high using a trusted hair tie that will keep your ponytail secure. The hairstyle goes with curly hair as well as straight hair.

Sky-High Ponytail

5. Double-Braided Bun

A double-braided bun makes your hair look more beautiful and can match any outfit.  First, gather all your hair and tie it in a high ponytail, leaving out only your bangs. Divide the ponytail into two. Weave each section into a regular three-strand braid.  Then, take one braid and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Pin it in place and repeat the same with the other braid.

Double-Braided Bun

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6. The Fishtail Braid

Just divide your hair into 2 even sections and then take a thin strand of hair from the left section and tuck into the right section and so on from the right section. Complete the process for your entire hair length.

The Fishtail Braid

7. A Low Bun Hairstyles

The classic low bun is a perfect example of this. Pull your hair into a low ponytail, leaving a section in the front of your hair loose. Tease the other section and tuck it under your ponytail, securing it with a bobby pin. With another bobby pin, secure the front section of your hair beneath your bun.

A low bun hairstyle

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