Hair transplantation is a new technique to solve the issues of hair loss and baldness. The baldness generally shows its effect after the age of 35 in both males and females. The females and males show different patterns of hair loss and baldness so their methods of treatment may vary.

Hair transplantation is a new approach to curb the issue of baldness. Its approach is to take hairs from areas that have hair growth and transplant it on your scalp. This method avoids the issues of tissue matching, blood group matching as it’s your hair. On the other hand, donors are also available for hair transplant but there must be gene matching, tissue matching others. After this, the patient may require to take immune-suppressants to avoid any further issue.

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Hair Transplant


May 21, 2020



Advantages of Hair Transplantation

  • Improved Personality

Hair is an important part of your appearance and personality. Considering this hair transplant is a boon for bald people. It boosts your confidence, gesture, and overall personality.

  • Safe and Natural

The hair transplant treatment doesn’t include any chemicals so chances of any further issues are very less. Since its approach is to transfer the patient’s own hair follicles so there are no requirements for medicines such as immune-suppressants. It is done under the proper guidance of medical professionals so it is safe and healthy.

  • Permanent Remedy

It brings new hopes to the individual as they once again gain their confidence. It provides an actual hair transplant which then can be treated as normal – like you can oil it, wash it, and others.

  • Suits Your Pocket

Hair transplant surgery is a one – time procedure and thus a one-time investment. Unlike other methods, there is no need to visit the doctor regularly and pay them every time. So this method is pocket friendly and saves money.

Advantage of Hair Transplant

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Disadvantages of Hair Transplantation

  • Risk of Infections

Yes, there is a certain risk of infection however it varies from person to person. Before the hair transplant consult the particular doctor and ask all necessary questions.

  • Scalp pain, Itching, Rashes

The surgical procedure may show its side- effects in the form of rashes, frequent itching, redness, and pain. In certain cases, it may lead to bleeding.

  • Brushing Around Eyes

Due to the surgical treatment there is excess fluid migrating downward from the surgical site and thus affects eyelids. It may lead to brushing and swelling around the eyes.

Disadvantage of Hair Transplant

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There is always a remedy but a certain type of person who is at more risk regarding hair transplant.

Who should avoid Hair Transplant

  • Diabetes Patient

Diabetes patients are more prone to any kind of injections after undergoing hair transplant surgery. It may lead to swelling in hair follicles, bleeding, and rashes. If you are a diabetes patient and looking for a hair transplant then first consult a professional doctor. Clarify all your queries and know about the consequences. However, in the worst situations, medications can help but precautions are necessary.

  • Previous Scalp Infection/ Any Serious Injury

If an individual has any serious injuries on the scalp in their past so it is advisable to avoid any such surgeries. In such a case scenario these surgeries can make the situation worst and can show serious consequences.

  • Poor Health

There is a requirement for this surgery that the person must be overall fit and healthy. But in case you are facing any health issues, the disease then it’s better to avoid these surgeries. This surgery can show drastic effects and lead to many serious and regular issues. This may overall deplete your health.

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