Baldness is a common issue among males and females. The baldness usually hits in adults phase however many people may undergo an early age. Certain problems like dry hairs, dandruff, and other hair related problems are common with every age. But yes baldness begins with age and at that time our hair requires proper nourishment to grow healthy.

There is nothing to worry about because we can achieve it at home by simple natural methods. The regular nourishment of hairs avoids these issues. There are varieties of treatment available but why switch treatment? when we can go for natural methods.

Regular massage with essential oils


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Natural Hair Care Tips


May 29, 2020



So, here we are presenting natural tips to follow if you are going bald –

Tip 1 – Regular Massage with Essential Oils

The main reason behind hair loss is the lack of proper nourishment, vitamins, and minerals. The regular scalp massage helps to reach all vitamin requirements of the hairs. The essential oils contain a definite amount of all required vitamins and proteins required by our hairs.

Applying it helps you to relax from daily stress along with nourishing your hairs. Now it’s time for self-care. Instead of going rough with hairs give them deep-rooted nourishment and bring your charm back.

Regular massage with essential oils

Tip – 2 Massage Your Hairs with Onion or Potato Juice

Yes, you hear right onion or potato juice. It can help in hair regrowth and goodbye to baldness. Onion contains sulphur which promotes hair growth by production of collagen in the tissues. Potato helps in cleansing the scalp and promotes the growth of hair follicles. Both of them benefit hairs by preventing hair fall, removing dandruff, and overall nourish the damaged hairs.

It adds shine and luster to your hair by closing the cuticles and give you happy and healthy hairs.

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Tip – 3 Manage Stress

Stress, anxiety, and other such reason are among the main cause of hair loss. With the growing age, people are more prone to live under stress due to managing finances, work-life balance, and any other factors. There are many studies with proved certain side-effects of stress on our hairs, skin, and aging.

You can start meditation and yoga to organize your thoughts and stop worrying. These have shown a positive impact on every person and especially for stressful ones. Because first, your mind should be healthy afterward your hairs will be happy.

Manage stress

Tip – 4 Keep Your Head Sweat-Free

The sweaty head can lead to hair fall and dandruff. Men experience this in summers while wearing helmets or doing any physical work. It’s necessary to keep your hair sweat-free. For this, you can apply shampoo and conditioner that contains aloe vera and neem. They provide a cooling effect to your hair and keep the sweat away. You can use a scarf and hairbands to avoid sweating.

Keep your head sweat-free

Diet to Prevent Hair Fall

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Tip – 5 Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Consumption of alcoholic beverages and continuous smoking can adversely affect your hair. It affects hair growth; promote baldness and other such problems. Their intake causes poor health as well.

We are not saying to quit them but you can limit their consumption. They reduce the amount of blood that flows to the scalp and this causes a reduction in hair growth.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Tip – 6 Balance Diet

Today’s lifestyle has put us far away from healthy living. An unhealthy person is more likely to face baldness issues. To avoid this scenario, a balanced diet is the best beginning. Provide your body with all essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals and see the shine of your hairs.

It is also a proven fact that staying healthy and fit affects our hair growth, prevents baldness, and improves physical appearances. Rest it’s never a bad decision, to begin with, healthy food and healthy living.

Balance diet

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